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I had an abortion. I am not ashamed.

Devin Ford

I had an abortion. I’m not ashamed. I did nothing wrong. 

I am a great Mom and that is because I became a Mother when I was ready. It was my choice and I made the right one. I’ve struggled for months about ‘coming out’ with my story, but if we do not control our own bodies, we are not free.

I am unwilling to tell my daughters that I said nothing as their human rights were stripped away. 

Forced birth is a crime against humanity. Pregnancy is painful and changes your body permanently.  And it can be a death sentence in Alabama. We have the 3rd highest maternal mortality rate in the country. And it’s 3 times as high for Black Women than White. Currently legislators around the country are debating about forcing CHILDREN to have rape babies, about murdering women with ectopic pregnancies. Some are discussing outlawing IUDs and condoms. Women are already being prosecuted for miscarriages. This is madness. This is Sharia law. 

We are being manipulated by morally bankrupt politicians who do nothing to serve the people. They do absolutely nothing to curb the epidemic of White Supremacy and gun violence as children are slaughtered. They do nothing about our abysmal healthcare and mental health systems. Continually attack public education and try to steal our social security. And we stay in endless wars. All while yelling about the unborn and attacking the LGBTQIA community. 

Our ‘pro-life’ state government is dedicated to defunding Medicaid, education, and literally every program that supports mothers and their children. And the invasiveness of their attacks on trans children and their parents is terrifying.  They do everything they can to make us scared of ‘the others’. Because if we stay divided, they have won. 

I grew up in the Evangelical Church and went to Christian school. I know the Bible. And like so many others, realized that the words of Jesus and the actions of the Church rarely align.

The Southern Baptists Convention and Catholic Church protect leaders who are rapists and pedophiles. And a Catholic Bishop is currently challenging the statute of limitations in the Supreme Court, so that victims cannot seek justice from the priests who raped them. Purity culture blames everything on their victims. And these same men deny women positions of leadership in their churches and homes. They shame us about our sexuality and hide the truth about themselves. The Church is broken. And true believers must speak out. 

The Jewish faith prioritizes the physical and mental health of the mother.  Islam has no law against it. Jesus says nothing about it. And yet the Church makes it their central issue. 

Enough is enough. It is time for us to come together. It is time to listen to Black, Latinx, and Indigenous women. We can no longer be divided by religion, race, and sexual orientation. We must defend our children and our neighbors from tyranny with our voices and at the polls. 

Focus has always been committed to highlighting the work of people and organizations. And we will expand that even more this year. We are joining with a group of activists and organizations for the ‘Activate Alabama Summit’  A diverse coalition of people and organizations dedicated to turning Alabama into the place we all deserve.  We will share personal stories and leave with actionable things to do.If you have had enough of divisive leadership that does nothing to serve the people, join us. 

Focus was created in honor of the Women’s Leadership Conference in West Hollywood. A city founded by the LGBTQIA community fighting for their right to exist. And they taught me and so many others how to fight.  My abortion “coming-out’ is in their honor. Your work matters.

If you had an abortion, you did nothing wrong, And I love you. Please reach out if you need support. 

If you are a politician who is not serving the people, we are coming for you because we  have had enough. 

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