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Jenny Arras

Jenny Arras
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Jenny Arras, writer, public speaker, and former educator, was born in Mexico City and moved to the States in kindergarten where she first learned English. It was in this classroom that she discovered her love of words, diversity, and education. She combined all of these loves into her work as an educator, teaching English for 15 years at both the secondary and college level. Just like she always strived to do with her teaching, Jenny also uses her writings to try to empower and be a voice for others. She is a devoted public servant who thrives in serving the underprivileged; a community organizer; and was recently a candidate for municipal office. Jenny is also on several nonprofit boards that serve the marginalized. She loves all people (seriously, all people), kindness, books, laughing, fancy coffee, warm chocolate chip cookies, justice, music, art, redbirds, foreign languages, and learning new things. She hopes to publish her writings into a collection of essays one day soon. Jenny received her M.A. in English from UNC-Chapel Hill. She has two lovely boys that she and her wonderful husband are raising together on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

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